Eden College

The Eden Foundation believes that we need new educational models and practices that emerge from a sense of place within a globalised world, that engage with multiple ways of knowing, and that enable people to become leaders in their professional and personal communities.

The Eden College will offer a range of inspirational post-graduate programmes. A unique combination of leading professionals, business leaders, academics and authors from collaborative institutions will create innovative solutions at the southern hemisphere’s leading social and environmental centre for sustainable development.


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The Eden College intends to set a new standard in the availability of modern educational leadership within New Zealand. 

Our programmes provide a platform for exploration in practical, experiential and conceptual learning to support personal and professional growth.

We offer skills, insights and inspiration for positive change in the world. We are passionate about engaging our students in transformative education for sustainability and personal growth and empowerment.

A number of sponsored Visiting Professorships will be created to provide an opportunity for New Zealanders and others to engage in and benefit from future thought models and cooperative international exchange.

The Eden College will engage individuals, corporations and organisations in understanding a whole-systems approach to points of interest and the pressing ecological and social concerns of modern life.

In addition, the College will seek to partner to offer a number of post graduate programs as well as continuing professional development (CPD) options.

A unique proposition within the Australasia/Pacific region, the Eden College will examine the ways that education and economic activity can be used to promote sustainable communities. We plan to engage with the United Nations to explore the possibility of delivering UN Development Program and other training modules within the region.

Invitations towards academic collaboration have commenced with institutions in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

A full prospectus will be developed for public release during early 2014, but will include:

    Personal Development Courses

    Advanced Business Training

    Sustainability & Ecology Workshops

    Social Innovation Programs

    Certified Diploma Modules

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits

    Public Education

    Community-based training programs