greenXchange Innovation Centre

The Eden Foundation Trust has proposed stakeholder partnerships with local bodies to create and promote a green business incubator and venture park within the greater Nelson/Top of the South region, The greenXchange innovation centre.

There is currently no provision for regional incubator services of any kind, and the Foundation believes that “brand Nelson” could be extended naturally to include the country’s first incubator program specifically targeted at companies wishing to grow under an overall green umbrella.

The greenXchange Innovation Centre will:

    Make a significant contribution to job and wealth creation and in commercialising innovations.

    Add value by accelerating the growth of new and emerging companies in a way that is difficult for other business sector support services to achieve.

"There is so much duplication of effort and wasted resources when it comes to sustainability. We need to make it easier for individuals, companies, academia, and researchers to collaborate and share best practices."

John Wilbanks, VP for Science at Creative Commons



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In fostering a spirit of ‘competitive cooperation’, the greenXchange is similar to web-based marketplaces where companies can collaborate and share intellectual property which can lead to new sustainability business models and innovation.

It is the first step in a journey towards more sustainable innovation, and the more companies that get on board, the faster we'll all make progress.

In an emerging world of sustainable capitalism, new approaches to collaboration enable new business models that allow companies to create better value for consumers. Sustainable companies will need a portfolio of intellectual property - some that they own and protect, some that they license and some that they share.

The Eden Foundation agrees, so as part of a multi-tiered approach to sustainable innovation, the greenXchange will pave the way for such NZ based initiatives and creating a new spirit of enterprise.

However, only by developing a truly holistic approach that combines infrastructure and support services to create a positive economic environment will we see successful growth businesses emerge that will make a real contribution to the Nelson regional, and NZ economy.

The greenXchange incubation process spans creation of the business idea through company formation, to assisting the company finding appropriate accommodation outside the incubation centre in grow-on facilities and until the company no longer actively seeks assistance.

The greenXchange will be designed to support and be part of a broader strategic framework – both regionally focused and targeted on particular priority sectors.

Service Offering

As presently conceived, the greenXchange Innovation Centre will offer the services provided by more traditional business innovation centres, but will enhance this with expertise relative to the green business model.

Services are provided on a custom-tailored basis to ventures that qualify through

(a) embracing the triple bottom line concept, and

(b) providing a technology, product, or service that contributes to sustainability in business, government, or the consumer market.

We believe that significant, and sustainable, regional economic traction would result from a targeted and clustered business centre in the Nelson region.

Virtual Incubator

In addition to the fixed physical location in Nelson, the Innovation Centre would extend its service offering to other interested and qualifying companies that need to be located in other parts of New Zealand.

Through the Virtual Incubator program, international and collaborative incubators, research parks, other business development centres and Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors can serve incubator clients that were previously not qualified, not located near the incubator location, or denied because of physical office limitation.

The program allows off-site tenants to share office space at the incubator facility with full services. The off-site tenants can use all of the incubator’s services and benefits from the incubator membership without having a full-time physical office at the facility.

The greenXchange will also offer technology resources such as communications and data resources in the Virtual Incubator, all of them are accessible on a single platform for easy management.

This will suit well those eco- and green related businesses currently establishing in Auckland, Wellington and other parts of the country.

Academia and both Crown-owned and private research organisations may be a natural source of intellectual property.

We aim to create a standard protocol whereby IP can be effectively harvested from such organisations and be helpful more broadly to business and society.