The Eden Village

The Eden Village is a ‘Centre for Sustainable Development’ offering an integrated educational campus and community concept which acts as a model test bed facility upon which to apply modern best practice and thinking across the broad spectrum of

·         Personal Responsibility & Self-Determination

·         Business & Co-operative Economics

·         Social Innovation & Enterprise

·         Integrative Healthcare

·         Social Purpose & Cultural Creativity

·         Environmental Sustainability

 By bringing together global citizens and ideas to explore and test, creatively, many of the opportunities and challenges of our age that we hope to act as a catalyst for positive change.  This change, lead from the bottom up, moves from the individual through to prosperous, harmonious and enriched societies.

The Eden Village is planned to accommodate over 200 people as short-term and long-term guests in

The Eden World College

Wellness Centre & Therapy Park

Sustainable Business Park

Personal & Family Guest Stay accommodation

Staff Eco-Village

Recreational Visitor Centre

The central campus is at the heart of more than 200 acres of beautiful organic and ornamental gardens, lake and horticulture areas of permaculture and biodynamic design.




The Eden World College is the educational arm of the Eden Foundation and provides a comprehensive syllabus of professional and engaging programmes to individuals, corporations and organisations, supporting personal and professional growth and a whole-systems approach to the ecological, economic and social aspects of modern life.


Our belief is that a healthy society should value and prioritise care for all of its members and actively assist those who are in most need.

The Village Wellness Centre offers compassionate respectful and effective care and healing, and our Therapy Park has specific points of focus in the areas of respite care, integrative cancer support, rehabilitation and mental and emotional disorders.

Sustainable Building & Design

The Village aims to become the national ‘Centre for Sustainable Development’ and home to a green building research institute promoting, educating, and testing new technologies and concepts.

The buildings will showcase a multitude of low impact and ecological design features, as will the infrastructure which includes tidal wastewater treatment wetlands and water collection management systems supporting a healthier biosphere, and a centralised combined heat and power biomass plant using waste product as a fuel source.

Our Environment

The extensive grounds will form the base for the promotion of the ecological design science of Permaculture (a term combining permanent agriculture and permanent culture), an approach to modelling human societies on the structures and relationships found in natural ecosystems.

Renewable Power Systems

The Eden Village complex will utilise the latest in clean, ‘green’, sustainable technologies, and may include a combination of:

PV Solar power – plus solar hot water systems for individual buildings

Recycled / biomass combined heat and power system for distributed heat (and waste management) for everyday ‘off-grid’ supply

Mini hydro scheme

Water & Wastewater

Our wastewater system is an engineered floating ecology designed to optimize powerful ecological treatment processes within an attractive feature of the aquatic landscape, providing both a natural solution and contributing to local biodiversity.

The system combines the latest developments in ecological engineering with live substrate (plant root) research and traditional wastewater treatment processes.  Whole system engineered ecologies provide an energy efficient, low life cycle cost treatment solution.

Business Park

We believe that local businesses should be at the heart of all change projects, and produce research, policies, programmes and training which help communities protect their diversity and the growth of independent enterprise.

The Eden Foundation will help communities to reinvent their local economy in response to climate change,

seeking a new low carbon, high well-being model of local economic development.

A business park will be created to act as an incubator for all manner of eco-related enterprise, JVs and other initiatives, and will provide an emphasis for the successful introduction of Business & Employment Co-operatives and other entrepreneurial activity.

The Eden Village will create over 100 permanent jobs and act as a test ground for new business models based on social entrepreneurial activity.

Plans for Development

The proposed Centre for Sustainable Development will encompass many of the Village’s amenities and businesses and will provide a platform for showcasing New Zealand’s potential.

The Village will be part of a dynamic, worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies with ideas and methods that are equally applicable in rural and urban settings.

The site is being designed as part of a NZ-led but international collaborative effort of interested parties, and will also provide a framework for showcasing the latest sustainable technologies in build, power and water systems.

Engagement of governmental departments, academic institutions and public and private enterprise will play a key role in the expansion of the venture.


With immediate proximity to two National Parks, stunning landscapes and a sweeping coastline, Nelson is a year round international destination.

The Nelson region consistently delivers New Zealand’s highest sunshine hours and provides an obvious location for the setting of the Village Campus.