Solar Power & Community Power Trusts

The current dilemma of climate change, declining resources and the need for greater energy security has highlighted the need to reduce our regional reliance on fossil fuels. It is widely accepted that this will require greater energy efficiency and a shift to renewable forms of energy.

The Community Power Trust (CPT), an initiative of the Eden Foundation and NZ SolarFarms Ltd, brings a fresh approach to local power generation that builds, operates and maintains community-based clean energy facilities.


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The CPT is pioneering the model of delivering clean power-generation through medium-scale facilities that are collectively owned by participating utility customers across the Nelson region.

Utilising a solar farm design, the CPT scheme requires no domestic installation, thereby removing former barriers of entry and ensuring widespread regional acceptance.

The CPT has made the reality of sourcing local renewable power a viable option, and has created a scheme to make affordable ownership available to everyone with a power bill.

We have achieved this by making clean energy ownership a smart financial decision (lowering the cost), eliminating all site issues such as home orientation, shading and building ownership (renters), and by minimizing the financial barrier to entry through allowing the purchase of a single operating panel.

Business benefits too - as unrestricted by traditional domestic schemes - the NCPT offers membership to small and large businesses, organisations and institutions.

With the CPT schemes, members actually own, not lease, part of a local clean energy power plant and will be directly credited on their electricity bill for the power produced.

CPT owners leverage their collective purchasing power and may buy as little or as much energy equipment (e.g solar panels) as they choose at much reduced prices.

Scheme members that change address simply re-register their address details with their power company… anywhere in New Zealand. The hardware follows the address.

Council Support

The scheme ideally lends itself to local government rates support for hardware purchase options and is a natural partner to existing energy saving campaigns and initiatives.

Intellectual property is vested in the Community Power Trust which would provide local employment opportunities and act as a catalyst for adoption throughout the country.

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